Palliative Care and Euthanasia Services

Each member of Cahill Veterinary Hospital’s staff is a pet owner and a pet lover. We all know that the end of our pet’s lives always come too soon. It is our goal to help your animal have as many happy days as possible and we will work with your to keep your pet comfortable at the end of his or her life. There are multiple options available to support your pet as they age, including but not limited to:

When the time comes to say goodbye, we will support you in your decision making process and make your pet’s final moments comfortable and dignified. We also offer cremation and burial services.

A trusted partner of Cahill Veterinary Hospital is Faithful Companion (located in Royal Oak) which offers several options for your deceased pet, such as:

  • Group burial
  • Group cremation
  • Private cremation- ashes returned as soon as the next day
  • Individual burial in pet cemetery

In addition, you may opt to memorialize your beloved furry friend through a variety of

  • Urns
  • Caskets
  • and other specialty pet memorial products

Please speak with one of our staff members about the options that work best for you and your beloved pet.