Our Staff

Dr. Kristine Butto-Brownlee
Veterinarian, Owner
Dr. Butto graduated from Colorado State University in 1993 with a DVM and also graduated from Chi Institute in 2010 as a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist. She has lived and practiced in downriver Michigan since 1995. She had two daughters, three dogs, five cats, a tarantula, and one Moluccan cockatoo named Georgia. On her days off she enjoys taking care of her zoo, gardening, and baking.


Dr. Arianne Spiewak
Dr. Spiewak graduated from the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. She is married with two boys and two cats. Dr. Spiewak is a big fan of Marvel, DC, and other fandoms and loves to chat about them with her clients. She also has a degree in art from the Art Institute of Chicago and enjoys singing and spending time with her family.


Dr. Josh Shoup
Dr. Shoup graduated from the University of Illinois Veterinary program in 2019 and has been working as a DVM at Cahill since his graduation. However, he has been a part of the Cahill team ever since we opened! He is dedicated to providing excellent care for every single patient. When not at work, he enjoys many outdoor activities like boating and hiking with his dog Jax.


Chrissie Humphrey
Office Manager
Chrissie has been our office manager since Cahill Veterinary Hospital opened. She is married and enjoys boating and photography. She and her husband spend time in the Upper Peninsula when they are not working. Chrissie’s favorite part of working at Cahill Veterinary Hospital are the animals and the people she works with on a daily basis.


Robin Jarvis
Medical Records & Reception Manager
Robin has been a part of the team since before our current location opened! Robin loves her coworkers and is a strong advocate for Cahill’s clients, ensuring that both they and their pets get the best care. Robin has a German Shepherd named Kevlar, a Persian cat named Khloe, and a Ragdoll cat named Jack.


Mallory Gemus
Licensed Veterinary Technician
Mallory has been a licensed veterinary technician since 2010. From a young age she always knew she wanted to work in veterinary medicine and couldn’t imagine doing anything else with her career. She is married and has two sons. They share their house with Libby the cat, Sir Hector the ball python, Athena Marconious Jane and Athen Lancelot the bearded dragons, and Cleopatra the iguana.


Colleen Kropog
Licensed Veterinary Technician/Manager
Colleen has been a dedicated LVT for eight years. She is married with two lovely twin girls and her two dogs, Bagley and Frankie. When she used to have spare time she spent it on decorating, cooking, and playing basketball. Taking care of patients and educating their owners are considered her strong passions. She likes working at Cahill Veterinary Hospital because she is allowed to utilize all her skills as a technician and feels the medicine practiced here is the best offered anywhere.


Jenny Roy
Veterinary Assistant
Jenny has been a veterinary assistant for 18 years and is currently pursuing her degree in Veterinary Technology. At home she has two dogs, Mississippi Queen and Smokie, both Blue Tick Healers, a cat named Moe Moe, six guinea pigs and two rabbits. Jenny’s favorite part about working at Cahill Veterinary Hospital is the fact that she gets to take care of animals, helping them heal. In her spare time she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and teenage daughter.


Becky Caldwell
Veterinary Assistant
Becky is a veterinary assistant and is currently working towards her Veterinary Technician degree! Her furry family consists of her pitbull Books and a Brussels Griffon named Joseph. At home you can find her reading and spending time with her family.


Brandy Graham
Veterinary Assistant
Brandy is a veterinary assistant currently enrolled in a Veterinarian Technician program to become fully licensed. She loves to spend time with her two twin girls, two Rottweilers, and her monitor lizard.


Jordan Bankovich
Veterinary Assistant
Jordan has Asperger’s Syndrome but does not let it define him. He treats every pet, whether they are his coworkers’ or his clients’, like one of his own, and considers his coworkers to be family. When he is not working he is busy volunteering at an animal shelter, watching movies (his favorites are sci-fi), playing video games, or hanging out with friends and family.


Morgan Casanova
Veterinary Student
Morgan is currently studying at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine. She previously worked at Cahill as a veterinary assistant and followed her passion for helping animals all the way to veterinary school!


Julia Funds
Medical Records/Veterinary Assistant
Julia has been working at Cahill Veterinary Hospital for almost two years. She is married to her husband Gene and they share their home with their cats Trinity, Eli, Armani, Quinn, Gilbert, Phoenix, Princess, Thumper, Tanner and Sophie. She is the founder of Chaucer’s Place, a senior cat rescue and sanctuary. The best part about her job is that she gets to work with and help animals.


Sue Shoemaker
Sue has been working in both human and veterinary reception for the past five years. She enjoys golfing, traveling, cooking and gardening in her time away from the hospital. She enjoys working at Cahill Veterinary Hospital due to the interaction with clients and her love of animals. She has a great respect for all the employees who work hard every day to save patients, especially the doctors and technicians. She is married and shares her home with her two dogs, Josie and Sophia, as well as one cat, Somer.


Shelly Schonschek
Shelly has been a receptionist for over twenty years. She is married and shares her home with her dog Harmony and her cat Skye. She enjoys working at Cahill Veterinary Hospital because she gets to meet interesting people and their pets, and she feels the staff are great. When not working she enjoys cooking and reading.


Janice Gillies
Janice has been working reception in veterinary hospitals for 19 years. She is happily married and has four adult children and four grandchildren. In her spare time enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, gardening and being a Nana. She lives with her grandbaby pets, Buster, a chihuahua and Austin, a bearded collie. The best part about her job are the clients and their animals and being able to help them.


Julie White
Julie’s passion is helping to keep pets healthy through grooming. Periodic bathing, hair cuts, checking nails, ears, and more are all an important aspect to pet health. After a visit with Julie your pet will leave feeling even better than when they arrived!


Safety Manager
Elsa is a 6-year-old German Shepherd and has been an employee at Cahill Veterinary Hospital for 3 years. She is our Safety Manager, sitting in her chair and observing all situations to step in if she needs to. Elsa is very protective of all the staff at Cahill but she also is the most loving, kind, and gentle girl there is. In her spare time she likes to play with her brother Ferris, a four-year-old German Shepherd. She also enjoys boating, flying in airplanes, rolling in snow, and performing every trick in the book.